I’ve registered juniperspring.eth via the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). You can view the entry through the ENS web app: https://app.ens.domains/juniperspring.eth.

If you enjoy my blog and/or want to support my work, feel free to send ether to juniperspring.eth. If you’re using a modern (as of 2023) Ethereum wallet, you should be able to specify juniperspring.eth directly in the address field. Any ether will (legally I should say probably will) go toward enabling me to continue participating in open source, collaborative, and freely-licensed work.

The ENS entry expires on June 6, 2027. Hopefully I have reason to update it before then 🙂

~ Eric 🌱❤️

Appendix: ENS Transactions

Appendix: NameWrapper

You can find the NameWrapper token here: https://etherscan.io/nft/0xD4416b13d2b3a9aBae7AcD5D6C2BbDBE25686401/36418038873844175085055242638825389768286154435479691659442109655360676447218