TLDR this blog has a new domain: The existing domain ( is still supported but I’m moving away from .xyz domains because .xyz domains tend to get flagged or blocked as spam.

Problems With .xyz Domains

Apple Messages completely blocks messages that contain a URL with a .xyz domain. By block, I mean if you send a text to someone who has an iPhone and include a .xyz link in the message body, that person will never see the message. The message is completely dropped as if you never sent it in the first place.

I found this out the hard way when I tried to text a link to my website to a potential employer. They never got the message. I wondered why they never replied. A few days later I sent a follow-up text and was told that they never received my first message 😤

I think it’s likely that .xyz domains are disproportionately used to disseminate spam because they’re inexpensive relative to other domains. But completely dropping a message without any warning is bad UX. Surely there are more intelligent ways to limit spam that exact less collateral damage?

A quick search revealed I’m not the only one with this problem. Anecdotally, .xyz domains are also more likely to be blocked by firewalls and to be flagged as spam when shared on social media.

Why I Still Like .xyz Domains

There’s something indie about .xyz domains that appeals to me. I like that they’re inexpensive. I think it’s important that there are corners of the internet in which individuals can have blogs, galleries, and experimental/throwaway sites with simple domain names.

Here’s hoping the world changes and TLDs are made equal. Until that day comes, long live 🌱